Sep 08

Behind ‘The Moustache Show’

I’ve just released one of the sillier things I’ve done in my life (which is saying a LOT!).  It’s called ‘The Moustache Show’, and its an argument between me and myself about shaving my moustache.  (Seems even MORE ridiculous when I read this)

What brought on this cinematic wonder?  Well, let me give you a brief history.  When I grew my moustache, Richard Nixon was in the White House, gas was 40 cents a gallon, Roe v. Wade was just being decided by the Supreme Court, Secretariat had just won racing’s ‘Triple Crown’ and Monica Lewinsky was a newborn.  Oh yeah, a little thing called ‘The Watergate Hearings’ began about the time I grew it.

Bottom line, this moustache has been on my face a VERY long time!  38 years to be precise.  All of my adult life.  I had been thinking about shaving it for some time, probably over a year.  When I suddenly found myself unemployed <hint, hint potential employers>, facing an uncertain future and trying to figure out what I wanted to do (and what I would be ABLE to do), I figured, “What the hell?”.  It also helped to have an inordinate amount of extra time on my hands.  Its scary when I have time to think.

The thing is, the moustache has been a part of my identity.  Friends joked about it, “the stache” became a nickname placed upon me by a select group of friends, and since I’d spent most of my adult life in front of people, either in radio, marketing or on television, a LOT of people knew my face.  And my moustache!  (I’d also heard my share of “boom-chicka-wow-wow” music hummed to me in veiled reference to certain, “adult films” of the 70’s era.)

Now don’t get me wrong.  I didn’t go into this thinking this was some earth shattering event, worthy of a lot of attention.  I didn’t.  But I knew a few people here and there would be surprised and get a laugh about my change.  At first, I was just going to do the deed, take a picture, put it on Facebook and go on about my business.  But then….

The thought came to me that many people struggle with decisions in their lives, ranging from absolute silly (like moustaches), to things that actually matter.  There are internal discussion that we face in our own minds about directions we take, people we associate with, and things about our careers, family and kids.

At that point I thought, what if I could have some fun and show the two sides of ‘me’ arguing over something as harmless as a change in facial hair?  Maybe it would be fun, and provide a laugh or two.  Who knows, maybe somebody out there somewhere will get a laugh from it and it will help THEM with a decision.

I have to admit, I also had an ulterior motive.  I’ve been building an internet broadcast studio for some time, as I’ve wanted to do some online programming regarding travel, Disney, cruises, sports and maybe even politics.  Although this would be a taped (and edited) feature, it would allow me to utilize some of the pieces I’d put together for the project.  (See more about that at www.elo-tv.com, btw)

Hopefully a few people would see the video, I could promote the web site and they could jump over and take a look and maybe see something that intrigued them.  Maybe somebody might see it and feel I had something to offer their business as well.

Anyway, here are some facts about ‘The Moustache Show’.

  • There were approximately ten shirt changes during the taping of the show.
  • I struggled on whether to put in Groucho, or Fred Sanford as the “actual”.  Ended up with Groucho, as Fred occasionally ‘got lucky’.  Not so, Groucho.  Plus, he painted his on.
  • I never knew there were so many NAMES of moustaches.  While researching, I found this site.  Check it out for some amazing pictures.
  • Found out that my former moustache was a “Chevron”.
  • The backgrounds were just pictures I grabbed off the net and ‘keyed’ in.  So no, I DON’T have all those guitars and fancy equipment here.  Stay away.
  • If you’re interested, go on YouTube and search for the ‘moustache and beard world championships’.  Some amazing facial hair in those videos, although it primarily looks like an excuse for a big party!
Well, I hope you got some entertainment from this nonsense.  I always have the option of growing it back, but I’m not sure at this point.
Having said that, if you are a potential employer out there and a moustache is part of the dress code….  it can be regrown AND I can report VERY quickly!