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Dec 24

Merry Christmas Megyn Kelly…. (wherever you are….)

Dec 15

What do I want for Christmas?

A few things I can’t talk about… and this…

Nov 27

On birthdays… short and sweet….

Yesterday was my birthday. I don’t consider it a big deal.  I don’t promote it, but I do appreciate all the people on social media who wished me a Happy birthday. Two things about birthdays and social media that are incredibly annoying. People who announce their upcoming birthday (attention mining for more people to wish …

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Nov 26

Operation ‘brown out’… update…

Back in the summer, my hairdresser, ‘The Lovely Carly’ (we’re close so I can just call her ‘The Lovely’) held a hair intervention with me at her shop.  She and an assortment of other ladies working there said I needed to “go natural” (hair color, you pervs) and change the style.  So, considering that I …

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Sep 29

Me & Keith… we’re tight…

(Celebrity Tweet Department) I’m a Keith fan, but you need a computer just to keep up with the channel and time he’s coming on these days. If you’re a celebrity, tweet me and I’ll include you here. (BTW, Larry King was awful that week he filled in.  Don’t tell Keith I said so though)

Aug 24

Queen..Behind the scenes of a classic photo…

I love stuff like this….

Aug 11

Reliving my state by state travels… (or how to kill 30 minutes writing)

This was prompted from a Facebook posting.  Someone had charted out the states they’d visited and I got to wondering about how many states I’d been to.   Here’s my list with some thoughts about each one I’ve visited.  (Some states have thoughts best left to my own mind) The post that prompted this said …

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Aug 07

Eddie Owen – R.I.P.

Rest In Peace Eddie Owen. I didn’t know you.  But I followed you for years. I don’t know what happened to you, but I hope it wasn’t anything major.  I hope you just had a bit of forgetfullness. BTW, we’re talking the OTHER ‘Eddie Owen’. If you started reading this thinking it was about me, …

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Aug 05

‘Doctor Who’ actor’s ages upon debut

Since Sunday’s special BBC broadcast naming Peter Capaldi as the 12th ‘Doctor Who’, much has been made about the actor’s ages when playing Doctor Who. Capaldi will be the same age (55) as William Hartnell (the first Doctor) was when he debuted, although Hartnell was a few months older. In case you’re interested, here’s the …

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Oct 03

Remember ‘Dancing Bear?’

Because Captain Kangaroo debuted on CBS 57 years ago today!

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