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Jun 04

I’m not like that, I’m ANDROID…

OK, so yesterday I sort of “went off” on Facebook & Twitter because of a lady on a cell phone.  Even worse, HOLDING a cell phone.  I realize that sometimes its the ‘little things’ that get you going, and I also realize I’m in danger of becoming the Andy Rooney of my generation.  So be …

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Feb 01

Shipping Containers.. How I adore thee!

I want to live in one. A shipping container.  Rather, a home MADE from shipping containers.  And no, you don’t move them around.  Despite being made from objects that are constantly ‘moving’, these are NOT ‘mobile homes’. Not familiar with this trend? It’s growing like crazy. People are taking shipping containers, (like the ones you …

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Jan 02

My best friends….

They’re my salvation.  And they’ve never abandoned me.. I’ve needed them so many times.  They’ve always been there.  No matter the problem.  No matter how little I have to offer them back, they’re there.  When I’m feeling down, which happens more often than I’d like, THEY can bring me up.  They never turn me down. …

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Sep 08

Behind ‘The Moustache Show’

I’ve just released one of the sillier things I’ve done in my life (which is saying a LOT!).  It’s called ‘The Moustache Show’, and its an argument between me and myself about shaving my moustache.  (Seems even MORE ridiculous when I read this) What brought on this cinematic wonder?  Well, let me give you a brief …

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Jun 05

I’m in love with a dead woman..

When I started this blog, I told you most of the time it was just for me to rant about silly things like people misusing their iPhones or such nonsense.  I also said occasionally I would get serious.  Well, here tiz. If you’re reading this, its probably because of the title.  As you read on, …

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