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Aug 11

Reliving my state by state travels… (or how to kill 30 minutes writing)

This was prompted from a Facebook posting.  Someone had charted out the states they’d visited and I got to wondering about how many states I’d been to.   Here’s my list with some thoughts about each one I’ve visited.  (Some states have thoughts best left to my own mind) The post that prompted this said …

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Aug 05

‘Doctor Who’ actor’s ages upon debut

Since Sunday’s special BBC broadcast naming Peter Capaldi as the 12th ‘Doctor Who’, much has been made about the actor’s ages when playing Doctor Who. Capaldi will be the same age (55) as William Hartnell (the first Doctor) was when he debuted, although Hartnell was a few months older. In case you’re interested, here’s the …

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May 30

Ahh, yes… This industry I’m in…

  His name. The terminology. The ‘ready for business’ look on Dana Bash’s face.  (YOU can pick the “business”.)

Oct 24

Ashley hearts me…

After all, she tweeted me this afternoon.   She saw my mention in the daily Big Blue ‘Digital Gazette’ which you can read from this website.  I knew it was a matter of time. I can die a happy man.

Oct 03

Remember ‘Dancing Bear?’

Because Captain Kangaroo debuted on CBS 57 years ago today!

Jun 05

I’m in love with a dead woman..

When I started this blog, I told you most of the time it was just for me to rant about silly things like people misusing their iPhones or such nonsense.  I also said occasionally I would get serious.  Well, here tiz. If you’re reading this, its probably because of the title.  As you read on, …

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