Dec 24

Merry Christmas Megyn Kelly…. (wherever you are….)


Dec 15

What do I want for Christmas?

A few things I can’t talk about…

and this…

Alex Kingston  (You can leave your hat on....)

Alex Kingston (You can leave your hat on….)

Nov 27

On birthdays… short and sweet….

Yesterday was my birthday.

I don’t consider it a big deal.  I don’t promote it, but I do appreciate all the people on social media who wished me a Happy birthday.

BirthdayCakeTwo things about birthdays and social media that are incredibly annoying.

  1. People who announce their upcoming birthday (attention mining for more people to wish them HB, etc)
  2. People who announce the DAY of their birthday how much they are enjoying all the birthday wishes (like at 8AM… See above)

and a new one…

3.  A lady the other day posting about how she’d removed the birthday reminder from Facebook so no one would feel obligated to WISH her ‘Happy Birthday!’, but she felt obligated to post this the morning of.

People are ‘interesting’.

Nov 26

Operation ‘brown out’… update…

Back in the summer, my hairdresser, ‘The Lovely Carly’ (we’re close so I can just call her ‘The Lovely’) held a hair intervention with me at her shop.  She and an assortment of other ladies working there said I needed to “go natural” (hair color, you pervs) and change the style. 

Some old guy with the amazing 'Tesla Cat'

Some old guy with the amazing ‘Tesla Cat’

So, considering that I was in a shop of very attractive ladies, all telling me this was what I needed to do, and considering I’m a man and most men will jump off a cliff when even ONE attractive lady tells them to do something, well… I was toast.

We changed the style, and since that day, I’ve been allowing the…umm…  ‘natural color’ of my hair to return.  (OK, I quit dyeing my hair.  Sheesh.)

I believe we’re almost to the natural state.

Lady Clairol did a commercial in the 80’s about “washing the gray right out of my hair”.  I was going to post it, but the original tune from ‘South Pacific’ is much better, and when they say ‘man’, just imagine they’re saying “brown”.

BTW, to all the guys who continue to dye theirs.  I’m now licensed to make fun of you.  Just so you know!

Sep 29

Me & Keith… we’re tight…

(Celebrity Tweet Department)

I’m a Keith fan, but you need a computer just to keep up with the channel and time he’s coming on these days.


If you’re a celebrity, tweet me and I’ll include you here.

(BTW, Larry King was awful that week he filled in.  Don’t tell Keith I said so though)

Aug 24

Queen..Behind the scenes of a classic photo…

I love stuff like this….Queen1


Aug 11

Reliving my state by state travels… (or how to kill 30 minutes writing)

Where's Ed-O?

Where’s Ed-O?

This was prompted from a Facebook posting.  Someone had charted out the states they’d visited and I got to wondering about how many states I’d been to.  

Here’s my list with some thoughts about each one I’ve visited.  (Some states have thoughts best left to my own mind)

The post that prompted this said airports don’t count, but you can do it any way you like.  I included them.  Only gave me one extra anyway.


Alabama – Pressbox at ‘Bama is like a museum

Alaska –

Arizona – Hotel had barbershop quarter convention going on. (Noisy)

Arkansas – Flew there for job prospect. Interviewer was a no show. Got free lunch.

California – Greatest dinner experience of my life one night. (plus Disneyland)

Colorado – Sign on a casino “Dunkin Donuts with jackpot!”

Connecticut –

Delaware – Only state I’m not sure of. But I THINK I was there once.  Meeting.

Florida – Must you even ask?

Georgia – Ahh.. the old double barrelled cannon in Athens


Hawaii – Most beautiful hotel I ever stayed in.  (since torn down)

Idaho –

Illinois – Bought a model Batmobile in Rock Island as a child

Indiana – Used to pass some big popcorn place on way to Bloomington

Iowa – I was a kid.  I remember corn.

Kansas – Remember wondering if I’d ever see civilization again.

One time... in Kansas....

One time… in Kansas….

Kentucky – Go Big Blue!!!

Louisiana – Cab ride from hell with Jack Hanna

Maine –

Maryland – Bad memories. Need a follow up trip to establish good ones.

Massachusetts –

Michigan – Two weekends in a row Northwest stranded me in Detroit

Minnesota – You could see your breath in August

Mississippi – ‘Bozo the Clown’ at the Mississippi State Fair

Missouri – Cardinals, bay-beeeeee!

Montana – They sold Unabomber T shirts in the airport

Nebraska –

Nevada – Vegas, Reno!!!  (and I don’t even gamble)

New Hampshire –

New Jersey – Caught a TD pass at the Meadowlands! (on top of Jimmy Hoffa)

New Mexico – Best chili beans I have ever eaten! (or expect to eat)

New York – World Trade Center, Empire State Bldg, Statue of Liberty all in a day

North Carolina – Ate alligator. First and only time.

North Dakota –

Ohio – Went to Cincy night the Reds won the World Series in ’75.  EPIC!

Oklahoma – Cowboy Hall of Fame

Oregon – Fools visiting fools

Pennsylvania – Attempted landing on a mountaintop in winter; runway not visible

Rhode Island –

South Carolina – Moe Williams, 299 rushing, 427 all purpose yards (in the rain)

Moe Williams!!!  (We're not worthy... we're not worthy....)

Moe Williams!!! (We’re not worthy… we’re not worthy….)

South Dakota –

Tennessee – Family Gatlinburg trips as a kid. Best ever.

Texas – Only time in my life I went to a ‘line dancing bar’

Utah – Great Salt Lake would NOT be my reason for going there.

Vermont –

Virginia – Drove from DC home through there. Pretty place.

Washington –

West Virginia –

Wisconsin – I was a kid, but I remember a cow or ten million….

Wyoming –

Summary findings.  Eight is the average I’m told.  I have 35.  (Not counting Delaware)

Other thoughts:

  • I need a trip to New England to up my numbers
  • Best french fries of my life came from some little snack bar in Exton, PA.
  • The ‘Frog Pond Lounge’ in Athens, Georgia was the best time EVER!
  • Every time I hear ‘Wild Thing’ by Tone Loc, I’m taken back to a bar in Charlotte, North Carolina.
  • Great elevator rides – Casey Kasem (and his hot wife!), Snake Stabler, Mike Love, Fran Tarkenton
  • I received a phone call in the 80’s from either Tommy Boyce or Bobby Hart, and for the life of me I don’t know which one it was.  (RIP Tommy Boyce)

Aug 07

Eddie Owen – R.I.P.

Rest In Peace Eddie Owen.

BootHillI didn’t know you.  But I followed you for years.

I don’t know what happened to you, but I hope it wasn’t anything major.  I hope you just had a bit of forgetfullness.

BTW, we’re talking the OTHER ‘Eddie Owen’.

If you started reading this thinking it was about me, sorry.  (Especially if you HOPED it was about me!)

A bit of history.  I’m a fan of URL’s.  You know.  Web addresses.  The things you type in that little open box at the top of the page that takes you to all those magical places on the web.  Sometimes for fun I play with a little availability engine I have that tells me whether certain URL’s are available.  (It is most disturbing when I enter some off the wall idea and discover that there are minds out there as strange and warped as mine!)

I bought my first web address six or seven years ago.  I don’t even remember the first one.  Since then, I’ve probably had 30 or 40, which for people who fool with these is a pretty small number.  From my active sites (ELO Travel, The Cruise Paper, Calendar Clarksville), to a number of them “on hold” for future projects.

Eddie Owen - Famous Yachtsman (not me)

Eddie Owen – Famous Yachtsman (not me)

But one I could never get.  EddieOwen dot com.  I remember checking early on and the let down feeling of knowing it wasn’t there.  Yes, another Eddie Owen had beaten me.  (I often wondered if it was the famous yachtsman of the same name….)

You see, I’ve been ‘Eddie’ to the people who’ve known me the longest.  ‘Ed’ or ‘Edward’ to a few, especially if you met me after I came of voting age.  Since I couldn’t have the ‘Eddie’ URL, I had an ‘Edward L Owen’ site.  I had an ‘Ed Owen’ site.   But ‘Eddie Owen’ remained elusive.  Until now.

Richard Gere as 'Edward Lewis'... (That's my name you know.... well, Louis)

Richard Gere as ‘Edward Lewis’… (That’s my name you know…. well, Louis. Just thrown in for the hell of it.)

One day last week I thought, “I’ll check again”.  Like I’d done dozens of times before.  I expected nothing.  To my shock it was available.  Ninety seconds later it belonged to me.

That was all the incentive it took me to reopen my long dormant blog.  Which you are reading.  I took some of the old stuff, updated it, redated it and started the site redesign.  It’s not complete.  Never will be.

I’ll keep you posted on what’s going on personally and professionally.  Sign up in the upper right corner and get email updates when I post.

I do hope nothing happened to the other Eddie Owen.  No tragedies, etc.  I just hope that for whatever reason the URL wasn’t renewed.





Aug 05

‘Doctor Who’ actor’s ages upon debut

Since Sunday’s special BBC broadcast naming Peter Capaldi as the 12th ‘Doctor Who’, much has been made about the actor’s ages when playing Doctor Who.

Capaldi will be the same age (55) as William Hartnell (the first Doctor) was when he debuted, although Hartnell was a few months older.

In case you’re interested, here’s the breakdown.

Actor Birth Date Debut Date Age At Debut
William Hartnell January 8-1908 November 23-1963 55
Patrick Troughton March 25-1920 October 29-1966 46
Jon Pertwee July 7-1919 January 3-1970 50
Tom Baker January 20-1934 June 8-1974 40
Peter Davison April 13-1951 March 21-1981 29
Colin Baker June 8-1943 March 16-1984 40
Sylvester McCoy August 20-1943 September 7-1987 44
Paul McGann November 14-1959 May 27-1996 36
Christopher Eccleston February 16-1964 March 26-2005 41
David Tennant April 18-1971 June 18-2005 34
Matt Smith October 28-1982 January 1-2010 27
Peter Capaldi April 14-1958 November 23-2013 55



Jun 04

I’m not like that, I’m ANDROID…

OK, so yesterday I sort of “went off” on Facebook & Twitter because of a lady on a cell phone.  Even worse, HOLDING a cell phone.  I realize that sometimes its the ‘little things’ that get you going, and I also realize I’m in danger of becoming the Andy Rooney of my generation.  So be it.  (He’s dead after all.  And we NEED a replacement.)

Being a 24/7 card carrying smartphone freak, I have no problem with you, your phone, your laptop or even your iPad or equivalent.  Stay on them 24 hours a day for all I care, as long as it doesn’t interfere or hold up other people!!  

Now.  To the incident that started my weekend.

First of all, I love self checkouts!

Call me?

Call me?

Maybe its the geek in me that considers it just another gadget.  I get there and internally I have a race with myself to get through the process as quickly as possible.  Unless I have 30 items, I always check myself out.  If there are people waiting, I consider it my duty to do the procedure like the Flash going through pizza, so that others can have their turn.  I think of myself as the ‘Lance Armstrong of the self checkout lane‘, (minus the EPO and the fact that Sheryl Crow won’t return my calls!).

At the same time, I hate checkouts (self OR staffed) when people aren’t prepared to “do their bid-ness” and get going.  If you wait until AFTER the total is given to you, and you THEN pull out your checkbook and start to write, making sure that your third grade writing instructor would be proud as you slowly and meticulously write each and every letter as a DaVinci work of art, we’ve got a problem.  You should have been filling in the date and all the superfluous stuff before this point.  You’re holding up the line!

So yesterday, on the way home, I stop by Kroger, for a couple of items.  In and to the self checkout in less than two minutes.  Knew what I wanted, got the items and headed to the lane.


It was there I met my nemesis.  The ‘Lex to my Clark’.  The ‘Bird to my Magic’.  The ‘Catwoman to my Batman’.  (Though this sure wasn’t Julie Newmar!)

She stood there, at the self checkout, slow, meticulously, utilizing one hand to scan her items through the machine.  I repeat, utilizing ONE HAND to scan her items through the machine!  Why, one hand?  Because, she couldn’t put down her precious iPhone from the OTHER hand.  Now, lets assume there is an emergency call that someone NEEDS to take.  I have ZERO problem with you talking to your bookie about this week’s big game, your kid’s principal about why once again he’s in detention, or any other such stuff.  Emergencies happen!

So, I do tolerate emergencies.  I do.  I’m understanding in that sort of way.   Helluva guy, that BBM!

She wasn’t talking on her phone.  She was holding it.  She wasn’t talking on her phone.  She was holding it.  (Yes, this was repeated for emphasis)  Holding it like a pacifier.

This wasn’t a person with 2 or 3 or 5 items.  Probably 20 – 25.  And each one was individually dragged across the scanner with one hand, iPhone HELD in the other and then clumsily placed one handed in a bag.  (Keeping in mind that if there wasn’t an open bag, she had to set the ITEM down (not the precious phone), pull open a bag, and THEN place the item in the bag.)  Added to this was the fact that after every single item, she’d do a 360 look around the area to see if anything had changed in the store in the last 10 seconds.

The Author (computer aged)

The Author (computer aged)

I realize that most people probably wouldn’t have even noticed this.  She was 75% done when I walked up.  The whole incident as I noticed it might have only taken 2, maybe 3 minutes.  That’s not the point, TYVM.  The point is, it was flat out rude to not get your ample butt in gear, put down the phone, and check your items.

Maybe I need to take up yoga, or deep breathing or some other relaxing exercise.  I’ll check into that.  One day.

PS.. As I was walking to the parking lot, she was meticulously (I like that word) loading her items from the cart into the back of her standard issue mini-van.  She was doing it one handed.  Her left hand still clutching the iPhone that had caused the world so much grief and anguish.

Somebody get ‘Seal Team Six’ on the phone.  I’ve got a job for them.

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